The Plants

The plants I’ve listed are the ones in or around my garden that fill the most space either horizontally, vertically or both at the present time. Some cover lots of space on the ground while others grow tall taking space in the sky. Some are few but bright and others many but dull. Some are native to my area while others aren’t. Most grow well with other plants and don’t crowd them out. A few may be aggressive but help control other even more aggressive plants. Some I’ve planted from seed, others I’ve bought from a nursery, while others are volunteers. To the best of my knowledge, all have strong ecological value. Gradually these plants will give way to more of a woodland environment.

So far this list doesn’t include vegetables which require soil amendments.

Click on images to view a slideshow with information about each plant such as how it came to be, the services it provides and where it grows best.

Links to information about how to grow native plants from seed:

Trees and Shrubs

Perennial Forbs

Annual or Biennial Forbs

These plants are good for temporary ground cover or filler, wildlife as well as herbal use. All are easy to grow from seed. I got lazy with the latin plant names here.

Graminoids (grasses, sedges and rushes)

Groundcovering Herbaceous Plants

All plants cover ground but these tend to cover it like a mat. They don’t grow very tall and tend to be either vines or rhizomatous.